The New BTS Song Is Making Me Cry, Sorry


I’m not crying you’re crying: BTS, “Life Goes On” – I recently got a haircut that very strongly resembles Jimin’s hair and so my connection to BTS has grown by a thousand percent. This track off of their upcoming album “BE” is a beautiful reimagining of pandemic times, made more pleasant by having all your closest friends and bandmates living in the same house. While it has its upbeat moments it is largely sorrow-laden and every time the boys sang to me that life would go on, moisture appeared in the general vicinity of my eyeballs. – SM

Yes, period: Shame, “Water in the Well” – Imagine if Talking Heads, Gang of Four, and The Hives birthed a beautiful chaotic musical baby and you’ve got “Water in the Well,” the latest offering from Shame as they gear up to release their sophomore album. I’m admittedly biased: Shame, in my opinion, is without a doubt one of the best new bands around. They’ve made the case for this second coming of post-punk revival better than many of their (talented!) peers and their energy is infectious. I want to say that this is a slight departure from their previous singles, but honestly? Every Shame song sounds a little different. What I can safely say is that this is another great addition to Shame’s growing discography and it’s nice to feel excited about an album again. —Ashley Reese

Oh, I don’t know — “chinatown, bleachers featuring BROOOOOOOOOCE — On paper, I should at least be able to tolerate the Jersey-strong collaboration between Bruce Springsteen cosplayer Jack Antonoff, and uh, actual Bruce Springsteen. I don’t know if I like this song, but the video is nice to look at; against my better judgment, I find Jack Antonoff extremely attractive? Setting that aside for the moment, what we have here is a song that is doing too much, only because if you’re going to give me Bruce Springsteen, I want Bruce Springsteen, not Jack Antonoff wandering the streets near where he grew up and then letting Bruce Springsteen sing on the chorus. If you’re gonna get the Boss, let the Boss be the Boss, you know? — Megan Reynolds

Y: Megan Thee Stallion, “Shots Fired,” – Megan Thee Stallion puts Tory Lanez’s entire pathetic response album to shame with the breathless first track on her new album “Shots Fired.” Hearing Meg dunk on Tory, especially after seeing her speak so frankly about the pain she’s felt in the aftermath of her shooting, is pure bliss. Sometimes you have to call a goofy ass bitch a goofy ass bitch. – Hazel Cills

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