The Newest ThighMaster Vibrates, Is Finally Useful


In the 25 years Suzanne Somers has been the spokeswoman for ThighMaster, infomercials for the home fitness product have become a treasured, though oft-lampooned, part of our collective TV-viewing experience. The seemingly always-on advertisements were so successful, in fact, that Somers was recently inducted into the Direct Response Hall of Fame. (A personal dream of mine.) But since its debut in 1990, the product hasn’t really changed that much. It now has a widened selection of colors and sizes, and some Amazon reviewers say the materials used have gotten cheaper and more unreliable, but for the most part, a ThighMaster is a ThighMaster is a ThighMaster.

Enter the ThighMaster Vibrato™.

Today on The Wendy Williams Show, while promoting her new book Tox-Sick (that’s a discussion for another time), Somers showed off the newest, vibrating entry in the ThighMaster family, and neither she nor Williams could keep a straight face while discussing it.

“The lypmph system moves debris around in your body…it moves your hormones around…[the ThighMaster Vibrato™] stimulates that. You kinda put it in your groin. Just think of it as you’re doing something really good for yourself.”

“Yes. Yes, Suzanne,” Williams responds, barely able to hold in her laughter. “Thank you.”

Somers keeps selling.

“And it also stimulates the muscles when you use it. It has a purpose. It’s not all fun and games.”

But it could be, Suzanne! It could be.

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