The Other Woman In Lauryn Hill's Breakup Is Brazilian Model Isabeli Fontana


Longtime couple Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, who have six children together (including a baby born two days ago) have apparently ended their relationship. Marley — who according to Rolling Stone never divorced his first wife, Geraldine Khawly, and has always listed himself as “single” on MySpace — is rumored to be dating Isabeli Fontana. Showing extraordinary tact in what must be a complicated situation, Marley and the Brazilian supermodel have kept quiet Tweeted numerous pictures of themselves together even while Lauryn Hill was probably in labor. Fontana also Tweeted about how much she is “in love with @Romarley’s heart.” [NYDN]

This is Tyra Banks‘ YA novel cover. [Modelinia]

While you were sweating in the New York City heat last Sunday, Doutzen Kroes and a male model were shooting a Tiffany’s ad for the holidays in a lot of fake snow. [Mizhattan]

Lanvin’s fall campaign features some shots of Raquel Zimmerman and Karen Elson dancing. [StyleCaster]

Yeah, we’ve noticed people are dressing so as to show their bras on purpose. Why is that? (We don’t wear bras, so we find this whole thing extra mystifying.) [WWD]

Speaking of bras, U.K. retailer Debenhams is very proud of itself indeed for having made a new one that weighs only 1.7 oz. It’ll cost $29. [WWD]

This is what 6,000 garments from Helmut Lang‘s archive look like shredded, coated with resin, and transformed into sculptures. [Hint]

Roberto Cavalli designed an exercise bike from the future. [The Cut]

  • The Queen was overheard calling the display of Kate Middleton‘s wedding dress, veil, and shoes, “horrible” and “horrid.” “It’s made to look very creepy,” said Her Majesty. Insert your own “not amused” joke. [Telegraph]
  • France’s ban on burqas and full-face veils has apparently had the unintended consequence of making London a more attractive shopping destination to wealthy Middle Easterners. “Middle Eastern shoppers spent on average £1,800 per shopping trip, compared with £120 by UK shoppers.” [Independent]
  • And now, an update from the Christian Louboutin v. Yves Saint Laurent red-shoe trademark dispute: “Sitting pensively, [Judge Victor] Marrero, of New York’s Southern District, looked at one of the many red designer shoes that the attorneys hauled out as evidence, before proclaiming that he’d take more time to review the case before deciding. ‘Nice shoes,’ he said with a smile, as he exited the courtroom.” [WWD]
  • Anna Wintour apparently asked ten designers — including Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta — to create wedding dresses for Kate Moss, for an editorial starring Kate Moss. The shoot is rumored to be the centerpiece of Vogue‘s September issue, which features Moss on the cover. Just like Carrie in Sex and the City! [P6]
  • Vogue‘s upcoming web project, set to launch in December, is rumored to be an online archive of every back issue. [Fashionista]
  • Vivienne Westwood creative director (and husband of Vivienne Westwood) Andreas Kronthaler says the shoe he’s most proud of is “the blue moc-croc super-elevated ghillie that Naomi Campbell had a bit of a struggle with.” Any excuse to run this clip. [WWD]
  • Sasha Pivovarova has a small role in the upcoming Justin Timberlake sci-fi vehicle In Time, about a dystopian future where aging stops at age 25 and everyone then has a year to live and time is currency (coffee costs like 4 minutes) but the rich manage to hoard heaps of time and the poor live lives of foreshortened desperation, etc. Pivovarova plays the mother-in-law of Vincent Kartheiser’s character. ANTM alumna Yaya DaCosta is also in the flick. [Fashionologie]
  • On the weekend that marriage equality became legal in New York, Simon Doonan reflected on his low-key wedding to Jonathan Adler: the two happened to be in San Francisco the week same-sex marriage was legalized, tied the knot at a hotel, then stopped by Adler’s store and the local Barneys before heading to Chez Panisse for dinner. “It was only later, when people asked us, ‘How was your wedding?’ that I realized just how effortlessly delightful and romantic it had been. A bigger, more considered blow-out would have caused both of us to switch into work mode. With its lack of stressful scheduling and improbable-seeming retail interludes, there was something completely and utterly relaxed about the entire day.” [NYTimes]
  • Raf Simons met Jil Sander for the first time years after he took over the fashion label she founded. We lay our scene at Art Basel Miami: “It was at a hotdog stand and she was sitting there. It had been ten minutes and I thought I have to be the gentleman. The eight to ten metres walk over to her felt like walking through the desert. She welcomed me, she was really nice and really happy.” [Vogue UK]
  • A 12-year-old boy has won some kind of a competition to design a dress for Michelle Obama. The boy, Grant Mower, hopes the First Lady will wear his creation. His mother says that Grant’s ambition to become a fashion designer has drawn the attention of bullies. “He’d come home from school and it would take him three hours for me to just get him back,” she says. “And out of desperation I would do things like, ‘do you want to watch a Versace fashion show?’” [KSL]
  • Milliner Piers Atkinson says that the fact that ladies actually buy his more outré styles makes him think higher of women categorically. Also, he made that cherry hat Anna Dello Russo wore, and it was very complicated business indeed: “I did a collection called “Sex on the Brain,” because I love that phrase. My mum told me that, in the Victorian period, men would have beautiful paintings of nudes on the silk linings of their hats. And that’s sex on the brain, literally. So I mixed that idea with 80’s Athena posters of hummingbirds drinking off glossy lips and girls licking chocolate-dipped cherries and strawberries. That’s where all the fruit pieces came from. And then we just did those incredible cherries. They were meant to be the silly showpiece that would be good for press and no one would buy. But I’ve sold hundreds of them! It changed my opinion of how fabulous women are.” [W]
  • Pro poker player Beth Shak has 1200 pairs of shoes, including 700 pairs of Christian Louboutins. “But I’ve never been a brand person,” says Shak. [WWD]
  • American Apparel has finally done something smart: having operated concessions within the Selfridges and the Galeries Lafayette flagship for some time already, the company is expanding to more locations within each chain. A store-within-a-store is a lot cheaper to run (and easier to dismantle, in the case of poor sales) than an actual freestanding boutique, such as the 300-odd boutiques that American Apparel took on hundreds of millions of dollars in debt to found at the height of what proved to be a real estate bubble. American Apparel’s parlous financial state is largely attributable to that staggering debt-fueled over-expansion. [NYPost]
  • Former Fred Leighton chairman Ralph Esmerian has been sentenced to six years in prison for fraud. In order to buy Fred Leighton in 2006, Esmerian obtained $217 million in loans from Merrill Lynch and other investment banks. Esmerian’s collateral was $48 million worth of jewelry and other assets. But when he fell behind on the loan payments, in 2008, the jewelry was found to have been either not owned by Esmerian at all, or pledged as collateral for other loans. Esmerian even declared Fred Leighton bankrupt to prevent a planned auction at Christie’s. [WWD]
  • Stefano Gabbana has Twitter issues. “For a few days I tweeted with a certain Pippa Middleton, and I really thought it was the Pippa Middleton. Then I discovered it was a fake.” [Vogue UK]
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