The Reinvention of Paris Hilton Is Upon Us


Welcome to our new world of po-mo-po-mo ouroboros, in which 2015 has warped into some kind of psychedelic sick joke: Donald Trump is dominating the headlines, Chipotle gives you e.coli, The Walking Dead still hasn’t killed off Carl (or, in Rick parlance, COORAL). Thankfully, there has been at least one constant in American popular culture since the turn of the century, and that constant is Paris Whitney Hilton.

Ms. Hilton is on the latest cover of Paper magazine, a publication acutely aware of this perpetual importance (even though some had written her off despite her gig making literal millions through her Ibiza DJ residency). Unlike the tack less visionary magazines might take—covering her because it’s 2015 and we’re just about due for 2002 to slide back into style—Paper recognizes Paris for her pop cultural importance and cast her in the pomo-pomo-pomo light under which she deserves to glow: in next-level garments she would never choose by herself, recasting her as a trust fund goth who’s really deep in her feelings by tossing off her Miami-floral frocks in favor of more severe designers like Rick Owens and Mugler.

Paris, why don’t you wear a glassine black lipgloss all time?!

She’s looking more like Daphne Guinness than Paris Hilton in some of these photographs, but Paper is also making the statement that to be a true modern-day princess you have to go out on a limb every once in awhile… a limb or a butt, as noted by this backless Hood by Air flight suit.

Unfortunately, the accompanying story does not seem to include a wild night out with Paris during one of her notorious DJ gigs (though we do have footage for that). Instead, there’s a Q&A pondering the nature of fandom and including a few bits of insight into the psyche of America’s most name-recognized socialite (at least before her stylist friend Kim franchised out her life). In comparison, Hilton is living a quiet life of artistry, Ibiza just a pied-á-terre.

What is the craziest thing you’ve done all year?
I lived in Ibiza from May to September and performed every Saturday night at my Foam & Diamonds party at Amnesia. I also toured throughout the week, playing all around the world.
What is something no one knows about you?
I’m actually really shy.

The new issue of Paper is out now. The new issue of Paris Hilton is in its essence, and everywhere.

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Images via Paper/Vijat Mohindra

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