The @SATC3quel Account Nails Carrie’s Voice Over


One of the biggest problems with Sex and the City 2 was that it sucked. It contained a single good Lawrence of my labia joke, went on for more than two hours (146 minutes, to be more precise), and invented unnecessary drama so its characters could rehash old plot points that were handled during the series. Nobody was really clamoring for another sequel after SATC2, but the Twitter account @SATC3quel might at least convince some people that a more self-aware, self-effacing Sex and the City movie (with robots) could be fun.

Salon writer Daniel D’Addario has offered us a glimpse into what a third SATC might look like with some really spot-on Carrie voice over writing. From these tweets, writing a screenplay will just be a matter of finding a bizarre situation to put all the main characters in. Let’s say…road trip to Vegas that detours to Albuquerque, where Charlotte accidentally kills a man and the gang has to dump his body in the desert. Vision, coyote dance — roll credits.

Robot Samantha is watching you, citizen. Express your Sex and the City devotion and move calmly along.


h/t: The Daily Beast

Image via AP, Shizo Kambayashi

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