The TV Matchmakers and Movie Mothers That Got Us Through the Week

These are our recommendations for what to check out on your downtime this weekend.

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We were really guzzling from the news-cycle water hose this week, and now we are tired. We’d like to read lay in the sun listening to music, then watch a couple enjoyable movies and/or TV series that don’t require much brain power. We’d like to scroll through some social media posts that don’t make us angry. We’d like to chill with our moms or mom figures for Mother’s Day. We’d like to eat some good food. These are our simple requests, and we’ve pulled together some Jez Recs that match the vibe.

(If you’d would like to recommend something for next week’s edition, drop it in a comment here or email it to us at [email protected] with the subject line “Jez Recs.”)

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