The Twizzler Challenge: Because the Ice Bucket Challenge Wasn't Enough


Remember last summer, when the Ice Bucket Challenge was in full swing and then it died down and a part of you felt guilty for feeling like, Phew, thank God that’s over, because the charitable part means you shouldn’t feel annoyed (right)? Take a deep breath, sit down, and meet its successor, the Twizzler Challenge.

Yes, the Twizzler Challenge: when two people daintily nibble opposing ends of a Twizzler, Lady and the Tramp-style until they meet in the middle, then accidentally (or purposely) kiss, and clap hands for autism awareness—specifically, as Time notes, to benefit New York Collaborates for Autism.

Here’s Kathie Lee Gifford going for the kill with a grossed out/surprised looking Matt Lauer:

Meredith Vieira smooching “like a brother” Willie Geist after sharing a particularly long string of licorice:

And, for good measure, a throwback to the wee tot who thought the Ice Bucket Challenge was some bull-ish.

Image via Shutterstock

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