The Wedding Was Canceled. You Got Creative With Your Engagement Ring.

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Perhaps there will be a week when I’m not surprised at the number of responses to these little questions we ask of you, but this was certainly not it. Good golly, are there ever a lot of you out there who have been through a broken engagement!

For a moment, that made me sort of sad until I realized that I didn’t see a single story in which someone said, “I wish we had still gotten married.” So, you know, good for you for getting out of relationships that weren’t working before you made a lifelong commitment to a bag of tacks.

Plus, it meant loads of fun and terrible stories for us to enjoy. Which we will start doing right now.


“The engagement ended. What did you do with the ring?”
I sent it back to him via inter-office mail. He deserved nothing more.

Gestapo Librarian

Didn’t make it to the engagement part (she broke up with me out of nowhere before I had the opportunity to actually propose) so I’m not sure if it counts, but Zales let me return it and the woman who was taking care of it was cool enough to let me hide in the back for a minute when I had a minor breakdown after a different employee asked what was wrong with it.
Not sure what I did with the money exactly. Probably spent on the costs associated with getting my own place, and the alcohol I drowned myself in for the next month and a half.
I also hate opals now, and have an anxiety attack whenever I see one.

kanye’d by the bell

well he cheated on me & it was a very expensive ring so i sold it & bought myself a car, champagne & a really great mixing console.
i also mailed him piles of litter from all the pets in my building. to his workplace.

gourmet goober

My engagement ended after my cheating high school sweetheart called me by another woman’s name. So I threw the ring onto Interstate 70, which ran behind my parents’ house in Indianapolis. It was just a simple claddagh ring, so I don’t feel so bad about my decision to do it. But I think about it every time I take 70 back home.


I gave the ring back to him and he gave it to the girl he was cheating with and married her SIX MONTHS LATER. I always wonder if she knows it was my ring or if he just pretended that he bought it new for her


returning the ring would have been a challenge, since my fiancé left me (and his whole life behind) in a NOTE, stole enough money from his boss to fly across the country, and changed his name, phone, and email. He stuck me with all his things and all our bills. His friends raised money so I could pay for everything. Now I use the ring for voodoo curses.

And finally the best, or in this case the absolute worst, story of a recycled engagement ring.


My friend gave the ring back to her (abusive) ex-fiance. He used the same ring a year later to propose to his new fiance. The ring had been engraved with their first initials and, since fiance No.2’s name begins with the same letter, that sure worked out well for him.

After reading that, I need to go lie down with my thoughts for a bit.

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