The Women Who Nurtured Ron Swanson Into The Man He Is Today


On last night’s Parks & Recreation we got a chance to see the women who raised Ron (one of whom, went on to marry the man. Yeah, it’s weird). We already knew that Ron married Tammy 1 and Tammy 2, but last night we met his Mother — who is named Tamara, making her Tammy 3. That’s a whole lot of women named Tammy controlling one man’s life.

The Tammys do not get along with each other, and for good reason: in less than a day, Tammy 1 turned him into a fragile, wimpy version of himself with (gasp!) no mustache. Leslie made it her personal mission to fix the situation and visited the other two Tammys to enlist their help. Once Ron’s Mom was on board, it was time for a Battle Royale between the Tammys and Leslie that consisted of drinking ye old Swanson family moonshine until the other women drop. The prize? Ron Fucking Swanson.

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