These Cute Pictures Should Help You Forget About Prince Harry's Butt


Because a royal’s work is never done (if you consider circling the world for photo ops “work,” of course), Prince Harry recently visited the African nation of Lesotho to check in on the efforts of Sentebale, the children’s charity he cofounded. They’re building a new center that will, among other things, support kids living with HIV; Prince Harry wrote of the program:

These are children who have never had the chance to talk about their illness, and who had no idea that they were one of so many in their age group. It was really emotional watching them interact with each other. Some really outgoing chatty kids, others slightly overwhelmed, but all with huge smiles. This confirmed to me again that what we’re doing is going to change thousands of children’s lives, and hopefully save a generation.’

The interim result of this visit: many amazing photos of Prince Harry Doing Things. For instance, here is Prince Harry baking.

Here is Prince Harry taking a photograph:

Here is Prince Harry cuddling a small, adorable child. This is certainly a better look for the royal family than the time he literally showed his ass in Las Vegas:

Or the time he thought wearing a Nazi uniform to a party was a good idea:

Although Prince Harry might want to spend an afternoon on Wikipedia, refreshing himself on his country’s long and bloody history of imperialism, and perhaps avoid photos like this in the future:

Images via Getty.

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