These Drawings Done With Just Pencils Are So Damn Good, I Don't Even


These are not photographs — these are PENCIL DRAWINGS. Yes, they’re done entirely with pencils. Like, the same ones you use to color in Scantrons and DMV tests. And yet, these fantasy portraits from Erica Rose Levine look just like freaking photographs, and they’re blowing. my. damn. mind.

According to the comments on Levine’s Facebook page, these drawings take anywhere from two weeks to a month for her to complete, but she only draws at night because she has a kid and that’s when kids sleep (you learn something new everyday!). I’m looking to buy prints online but I can’t find any and this is a great injustice to humanity and also the space above my mantle. WHY ERICA ROSE LEVINE? *sung to tune of “Why God?” from Miss Saigon*

Oh well, I’ll just have to stalk her on Facebook and Instagram until she finally gives in and sells me her soul I MEAN ART.

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