These Sex Situations from Film and TV Are Definitely Uncomfortable

We all love some spontaneous sex, but why bang against a staircase when there's a nice bed nearby?

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Titane: Automobile insemination

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Titane: Automobile insemination
Screenshot: Titane

Titane is a body horror triumph, but it also featured one of 2021’s weirdest—and definitely most uncomfortable—sex scenes. In it, car show model, traumatic brain injury sufferer, and serial killer Alexia (she wears a lot of hats) takes her love of automobiles to new heights by having sex with a car. With the seatbelt straps wrapped around her arms and the hydraulics going full tilt, she appears to be having a whale of a time. What exactly was going on penetration-wise isn’t shown, but given the fact that she becomes pregnant with a car baby, something must have been happening down there. And nothing that’s usually present in the backseats of cars suggests that it was particularly comfortable. —Gabrielle Bruney

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