They Did It, America

They Did It, America
Image:Angela Weiss / AFP (Getty Images)

Finally, after what has felt like months of my repeated begging in public and private forums alike, Kimberly Noel Fucking Kardashian West has filed for divorce from Kanye. What a ride!

TMZ reports that the papers, filed by celebrity divorce lawyer queen Laura Wasser, do not have a date listed for their actual separation, but that is moot because per my assessment of Jezebel’s coverage of this ongoing saga, they have been talking about this since the beginning of this year. Per the agreement, Kim is asking for joint legal and physical custody of the children, and Kanye is fine with this arrangement. They have agreed to co-parent their brood and the divorce sounds amicable, according to TMZ’s source which, again, is certainly not Kim Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, dressed in a caftan, a pair of New Balance sneakers, and a bad red wig, whispering this information to a supplicant at TMZ in a bad Russian accent.

Things have not been peachy keen for the Kardashian-Wests in some time. Please recall Kanye’s presidential run, the time he called his mother-in-law “Kris Jong Un” on Twitter, and the fact that they have been living separately for some months. Kanye’s behavior was attributed to a bipolar episode, and according to TMZ, Kim had been reluctant to leave him while his mental health was suffering.

I am happy that they are getting a divorce and that it seems to be the right decision for them and their family. I am happy to stop demanding that they do so in a public forum because even I know that it’s rude. The timing of this announcement is interesting, as it’s just one month out from the premiere of the final season of the show that made both of them famous beyond their wildest dreams or nightmares. It’s callous to suggest that this news is a calculated PR push for the final season of their program, which will deal with the dissolution of their union a month after the fact. Maybe it isn’t! But we have watched the Kardashians exist in the spotlight for the better part of a decade, and so to write that theory off completely is to be willfully ignorant of just how good they are at what they do, whether you like it or not.

Regardless: Kim is getting free from Kanye, though she will have to live with the video for “Bound 2” for the rest of her life—a blessing but also a curse.

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