Things That Weigh 20 Pounds: A Baby, a Dog and Each of These Breasts


World, meet Beshine, owner of the world’s largest pair of surgery-enhanced breasts, leader of a small army of loyal followers, proud breaker of the three bras she must wear to Zumba and a desire to go much, much bigger.

Over at The Daily Dot, EJ Dickson has spent hours, days and probably weeks cataloguing the many wonders of Beshine (birth name Mayra Hills), the 31-year-old German who wears a 32Z bra and looks like she’s smuggling perfect replicas of Don Rickles’ heads inside her very overclocked shirts.

From The Daily Dot:

If you’re dubious of this claim, consider this: Beshine wears a 32Z bra. Her measurements are 59-28-36. And her breasts weigh about 20 pounds each, or approximately the weight of a small dog. Imagine walking around all day with two Bichon Frises strapped to your chest. Such is the plight of Beshine.

Except it’s not really a plight because Beshine loves the attention. Not only does she post photos of herself all day long so that her thousands of followers can see everything from a trip to the gym to a casual iced coffee in one of Germany’s fine coffee bars (Starbucks), but she’s an adult model who does private cam shows and “spanks her massive boobs” until fans litterally “lose their minds.” Here’s Beshine on Halloween:

Dickson points out that she doesn’t want to come across as “body shamey or judgmental” (and she doesn’t) but that Beshine’s breasts may be too much or unattractive to those outside of her fan circle. It is fair to point out, too, that some people may be worried about Beshine’s health, as her breasts, which are already stretched to what looks like capacity, are about to get even bigger. (The Metro, in particular, is worried about Beshine’s back)

More from The Daily Dot:

Beshine’s subreddit (yes, she has her own) isn’t as active as one might think, but if you want to know more about her career and her photos (which actually appear to be gloriously unretouched) you may want to head over there for an NSFW look into both the star and her fans.

Image via Reddit/Beshine

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