This 101-Year-Old Baby Looks Great for His Age


Babies aren’t technically supposed to be 101 years old, but don’t tell that to little Benjamin Shosted.

Benjamin turns 1 years old next week—a major turning point in a baby’s life. But in possibly the most adorable mix-up ever, The White House mistakenly sent a “Happy 101st Birthday” card to him and his family.

The Shosteds, of Utah, routinely get personal presidential letters sent to them via the White House Greetings Office for birthdays, weddings, etc.

This letter came signed by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and referred to Benjamin as an “integral part of the American narrative” who’s “witnessed the best of what our Nation can accomplish when we work together.”

It’s not like that’s not true. NBC News reports:

The Shosteds wondered if Benjamin’s greeting got switched with that of a centenarian.
“Maybe it’s a prediction. We’re still waiting to collect our social security checks for him,” joked Benjamin’s dad, Kevin Shosted.

Benjamin can’t read yet, so he doesn’t quite get it. But when he does, in about six years or so, he’ll be delighted.

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Screenshots via NBC

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