This 12-Year-Old Already Knows the Secret to Dating


A tween girl from New York City has some pretty solid insight into dating. Although twelve year-old Déjà Palmer is new to this idea that you would voluntarily spend time with a boy, she’s already got a lot of things figured out and, really, we could all learn a little something.

Déjà was interviewed by WNYC as part of their “Being 12″ series where they speak to youth during one of the most terrifying periods of their lives. On the subject of dating and relationships, Déjà has noticed that”everyone is dating now” at Tompkins Square Middle School.

Déjà has a boyfriend but they are smartly taking things slow and acting like the twelve year-olds that they are.

“I wouldn’t say that we are like a teenage couple, honestly, we don’t act like one. I think we are pretty much age-appropriate,” she said. “We don’t talk nasty to each other or dirty to each other in a sexual way, you know. We hug, we hold hands. We have little moments, but it’s not like we’re making out and sucking faces and we actually haven’t kissed.”

God grant us all the maturity of this tween.

While Déjà has little experience with boys, she already knows exactly what is up.

Déjà is meticulous about her appearance. She plans out her hair styles for every day of the week. She has a list of resolutions on the bright blue wall of her bedroom, one of which is “no boy drama.”

Excellent rule Déjà. Brilliant approach—simple, and right to the point of the matter. I think I learned this lesson only about two and a half years ago. Déjà, if you stick to that mantra, believe me when I say: it will serve you very, very well and save you a massive amount of pointless worry, tears and dignity.

Screenshot via Universal City Studios.

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