This Bracelet Is Designed to Protect You From Sunburns


Some of us (ahem) have an unfortunate tendency to stay in the sunshine until we are as burnt as a chocolate-chip cookie left too long in the oven. But the world’s gadget peddlers now have a solution: a piece of jewelry that measures your sun exposure and alerts you when to take shelter.

The Huffington Post reports that among the numerous offerings at the annual Consumer Electronics Show was a little sensor-equipped bangle called June:

June, by Paris-based company Netatmo, is a piece of jewelry with a sensor that detects UV rays and provides you with information — in real time on your iPhone — about how much sun you’ve been exposed to. The accompanying app will calculate, based on your skin type and that day’s UV index, how much time you should spend in the sun, and warn you when you’ve been outside for too long.

It’ll also recommend when you might want to put on sunscreen or put on a hat. “It will help women to better protect themselves against premature skin aging and sunburn,” according to the company’s international marketing manager. And unlike a lot of “wearable technology,” it was designed by someone who’s worked with Louis Vuitton and Cartier, so it doesn’t just look like a fugly thicker-than-normal Livestrong bracelet.

The bad news is it costs $99, and it’s not even clear it’s dispensing the best advice. A safer, more cost-effective solution would be to slather yourself in SPF-30+ sunscreen by default and use common sense regarding the appropriate amount of time to spend worshipping Ra. Duh.

Image via Netatmo

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