This Cow Thinks She's a Dog, Is Best Dog on Earth


It’s rare that I completely lose my ability to even, but Milkshake the cow has got me so excited that I literally can’t. I just can’t. Because this cow thinks she’s a dog, eats only dog food, and loves to wear hats. In other news: No dog will ever be able to compete with this. Get it, Milkshake!

Milkshake was rescued from an animal hoarder and while she didn’t learn anything about human kindness being locked away in a tiny pen, once she was rescued and bonded with her rescuer, it became clear that she also had no idea that she was a cow. And just a few seconds of watching Milkshake scamper about ) cows don’t usually scamper, do they?) will convince you of the same thing that Milkshake’s already convinced of: She’s the best dog in the world.

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