This Dude on The Voice Lowkey Hollered at Taylor Swift on National TV

And, true to form, Taylor Swift dismissed him expertly, and very politely.

Swift began a two-day stint on The Voice last night, advising contestants as they entered the knockout rounds, and she was a pretty great teacher—she gave each singer super-sharp pointers to better their performances, advising them to sing certain parts in falsetto, to stop doing weird growl-inflections at the end of each line and, most importantly, to feel the songs, rather than just perform them. They were tips that could only come from someone with years of experience, and she proved that if this whole POP STAR thing doesn’t work out, she has a flourishing vocal production career at the ready if she wants it. She was encouraging and seemed to like every song presented (“Excellent!” “I love that song!”), and naturally, each contestant was over the moon at her presence, both because she is Taylor Swift and because she was there to help them.

One contestant, though, seemed a little bit more over the moon than others. Griffin, who’s on Blake Shelton’s team and lives in Nashville, administered a lowkey holler once he saw Taylor Swift, telling her that he once went to a show and met her parents, who were very nice. A perfectly natural, fan thing to say, right? Not the way he said it: BODY LANGUAGE, y’all. He said it while flashing the shark eyes and also as a way to let her know that he doesn’t need to go through all the parental-stress rigamarole of dating because he has already met them. Taylor Swift, being a veteran in the experience of dudes creepin, picked up on this, and met him with a similarly lowkey response, valiantly offering a visual nah while telling him that it was very nice of him to say, and she’ll be sure to let her parents know (even though she doesn’t have to, because they just saw Griffin try to kiss up to them on television). Blake Shelton also picks up on all this, and kind of looks at them bemusedly with his hand on his hips.

But if Griffin thought maybe he still had a chance after that intense study in eye rejection, he really messed up when he announced his intent to sing “As Long As You Love Me,” by Justin Bieber—the herb-ass ex of Taylor Swift’s friend Selena Gomez, and known receiver of her ire. As Griffin says Bieber’s name, Taylor Swift’s eyes narrow ever-so-slightly, which the camera catches over Griffin’s shoulder. Cut to Griffin, who cheeses, “The BEEBZ.” It was all over. Later, during the Knockout round, Griffin is eliminated. So poetic. Watch it:

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