This Emma Stone Interview Will Make You Love Her That Much More


Emma Stone sat down with Cosmo to talk about her one huge beauty secret. (Spolier alert: she doesn’t have one, and wants to know if you can help her out.)

I love that Cosmo‘s first question is asking her what she thinks guys think about makeup. She (and everyone else) is all, “The fuck?”

I could care less. I think women should wear whatever makeup they want for themselves. Makeup should be fun.

Oh, Emma Stone. You know just what to say.

She shares a few tips and tricks from the various makeup artists she’s worked with. Learning celebrities beauty routines is always interesting — even if the info goes in one ear and out the other and I continue to use hand soap for everything.

I have learned the importance of moisturizing because I have the driest skin on the planet. I also break out, so I have learned to use concealer. I just dot it on, but I’m not as great as applying it as the makeup artists. And I’ve learned to fill in my eyebrows—I use an eyeshadow and a little brush to do them, which I enjoy.

Uh, I enjoy that YOU enjoy that. Also, filling in the eyebrows can really make a girl with pale skin and light hair go from “AHHH DEATH GET THEE AWAY,” to “You look like a person today!”

Next, onto the boring questions — what are her thoughts on the war in Syria? JK, it’s what hair color does she like best?

Probably red hair, even though I’m blonde naturally. I identify most with red hair. My mom is a redhead, so I grew up seeing red hair more. But I like blonde hair, too.


This is probably my favorite chunk of conversation:

Cosmo: What’s your number one beauty secret?
ES: “I don’t know, I don’t have any…do you [laughs]? I need some! I don’t really have one, but I love experimenting with new stuff.”
Cosmo: What is your secret to a great on-screen kiss?
ES: “Mints. It’s such a weird part of a job, but it is part of my job, which is bizarre. I’m also taking tips on that, so pass them on [laughs].”
Cosmo: How do you block out critics when they talk negatively about what you’re wearing?
ES: “My mom always told me to do what makes me happy and dress for me. I was lucky, when I was young, to have a female role model in my life that was very much about me being myself. And with beauty and fashion, it’s supposed to be fun and experimental. I like the individuality of it all.”

Being interviewed about the same ol’ shit must make celebrities want to go all Mila Kunis on a reporter pretty much all the time. Like, if I have to read one more time about what’s sexy to Matthew McConaughey, I’m gonna burn the Condé Nast Building to the ground.

In conclusion, Emma Stone, you’re funny and great.


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