This Is Cool: Get a Photo in Your InBox Every Day From a Stranger


Seriously — this is cool, not creepy. Well, it could be creepy, but it’s well-curated so you’re not receiving a photo of a different penis every day. Or any penises ever. Not that penises can’t be beautiful and artistic. The point is — this is about cool photography, not unclothed penises*.

The idea behind PhotoYOLO (bestnameYOLO) is pretty simple — every day you get a photo delivered to your inbox from a stranger. However, the result is pretty magical — it’s kind-of like getting a mini-birthday present every day. It just feels special! I’m as crabby as they come, but when I open an adorable cat photo from someone in Australia, I de-grinchify for a good five minutes.

Also, you have the opportunity to submit your own photo, too! So, uh, comb your Facebook photo albums and get a good one ready for when internet fame comes knocking on your door.

*That’s a penis in a top hat and tails.


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