This Magical Washing Machine Is Activated by a Dog's Bark


What sorcery is this?

UK laundry specialist JTM service has created the world’s first “Woof to Wash” washing machine. This amazing contraption is activated by a dog’s bark, and it wasn’t created just for very lazy people (me).

From the YouTube page:

Specialist assistance dogs trained by national charity Support Dogs are opening and closing the revolutionary machine developed with JTM’s innovative technology – and in partnership with manufacturer Miele Professional.

The ‘Woof to Wash’ washer has a voice activated switch which turns the machine on when the dog barks. Inventor John Middleton, MD of JTM, said: “We developed this machine because mainstream products with complex digital controls seldom meet the needs of the disabled user.”

So. effing. cool. Dogs and technology are my two favorite things, so this is pretty much a dream come true. I will just sit here and dream of a day when this is available to all humans and my canine companions can finally earn their keep. FUCKING FINALLY. (Also, can you teach the dogs to fold, too? Because otherwise that shit will just sit in piles forever.)

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