Time to Draw Some Dicks at Netflix Headquarters, Because American Vandal Is Canceled


American Vandal—the best satire of self-serious true crime dramas and one of my favorite shows in the past few years—has been canceled by Netflix. As Dylan Maxwell might say: This is a little bitch move.

Variety reports that American Vandal will not continue for a third season at Netflix, which announced in a statement, “We’re very grateful to the creators, writers, cast and crew for bringing their innovative comedy to Netflix, and to the fans and critics who embraced its unique and unconventional humor.”

As perfect as I found American Vandal’s first season, which centered on some mysteriously spray-painted dicks in a school parking lot, the show’s second season (focused around a prankster named “The Turd Burglar”) was definitely a tonal departure. Whereas Season 1 totally transported me with its faux-documentary style, Season 2 felt more like a scripted show.

(Also, I’ll take a dick joke over a poop joke any day! Dick drawings are never not funny. Fight me.)

Season 1 notably won a Peabody and was nominated for an Emmy.

The series might still find new life elsewhere. A source close to Netflix’s decision told Variety that other platforms are interested in picking it up.

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