Tom Hardy and His Dog Will Briefly Make You Forget You Hate PETA


Okay, PETA. Well played.

Hardy, whom you may know from his mega hot face and bod, has long been an advocate for animal adoption.

“I’m the finder of dogs, you know what I mean? My missus, she’s like, ‘You’re not allowed to bring another dog back from a job.’ But I’ll always find one,” he once told Vulture. “On every job we go on, I’ll either find someone’s dog and look after it, or I’ll take my own dog, or I find a dog and we home it. I do find dogs.”

Don’t believe him? Here is some proof:

Here is Tom Hardy in Details, looking hot with a dog.

Here’s a whole blog post of photos of Tom Hardy looking hot with dogs.

Here is Tom Hardy on the set of a movie, looking hot with a dog.

Anyway, animal rescues are great!

Lead image via PETA.

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