Tom Hardy Loves the Photos of Him in 'Tighty-Whitey Budgie Smugglers' 


Tom Hardy is a man. A man who like most men succumbed to posting ridiculous pictures on MySpace in the early aughts. The photos—which have been floating around the internet for awhile—show the beloved Brit wearing silly wigs, a trucker hat, and a wide assortment of underwear. There is also quite a bit of duck face.

Here’s a sampling:

Though the photos are nearly eight years old and predate his rise to fame, Hardy isn’t ashamed of the photos, rather he’s quite proud of them. “I’ve got no shame about my MySpace photos, especially the one of me in my underpants which is a glorious photo of a man in his natural habitat,” he told Sky News on Monday. “In my tighty-whitey budgie smugglers. In America, they say ‘you should be ashamed of this’ but I’m actually not remotely ashamed – that is me in my natural habitat, thank you.”

“I might not be an Adonis,” he added “but I like to think of myself as an Adonis in that photo.”

While the photos are forgivable—they’re almost adorably embarrassing, the trucker hat a relic from a time when Ashton Kutcher was a trendsetter—less forgivable is Hardy’s “About Me” section. In that section, Hardy wrote the following sentence: “the mind is like a parachute it will only work when it is opened.” Think about it.

Photo via AP.

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