Tonys Fashion Is Appropriately Dramatic


The red carpet of last night’s Tony Awards possessed the same kind of over-stated, over-the-top flair as stage actors use in their craft.

I lumped Al Pacino, Mackenzie Crook, and Chris Rock together as each was having a bad hair day, but when it comes to who was the worst, there is clearly no competition: It’s Pacino, who evidently cut the bottom of a T-shirt sleeve off as a kind of DIY sweat band.

Ellen Barkin, Edie Falco, and Alexa Ray Joel all did simple elegance very well, although perhaps Barkin could’ve kept some jewelry from ex Ron Perelman, because she’s looking a little bare. Oh, and this is just some gossip: I’ve heard that people in the record industry say about Alexa Ray Joel’s music career, “She looks like her father and sings like her mother.”

And speak of the devil, here’s Christie Brinkley. She is so “TrimSpa, baby” in that getup.

Lily Rabe, Tammy Blanchard, and Kate Flannery exhibit some different ways to work sleeves, although I find Blanchard’s (middle) thumb hole thing to be a little too Hot Topic.

Patina Miller had my absolute favorite look of the evening. It was dramatic and attention-grabbing without looking like an actual Broadway costume.

Speaking of Broadway costumes, which show do you think Whoopi borrowed hers from? Patti Lupone’s dress didn’t seem appropriate for a formal evening event, while Hannah Yelland’s dress just had a weird cut.

Ann-jah-luh! I just can’t get over how gorgeous Judith Light is. Her red dress has an intricate beaded design that looks like a statement necklace.

I loved the bright colors on Viola Davis, Jennifer Damiano, and Katie Finneran, and I’m actually not mad about Damiano’s (middle) bridesmaid-dye-the-satin-shoes-to-match-the-dress thing.

Here are three beautiful women—Joanna Lumley, Annabella Sciorra, and Brooke Shields—who, thanks to bad dress designs, look like frumps on a log.

What’s the deal with “ladies of a certain age” (Tovah Feldshuh, Tyne Daly, and Candy Spelling) and wraps?

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