Trump Loses His Shit So Dramatically His Fans Don't Believe It Really Happened


Thursday night in Iowa, usually reasonable burlap sack full of rancid Peeps and presidential candidate Donald Trump went off the rails. He arrived 40 minutes late and proceeded to give a speech so bizarre and inflammatory that Trump fans on Twitter accused reporters of making it up.

The Washington Post reports politely that something was “off” when Trump took the stage at a Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge, almost an hour late, his hair askew. He proceeded to deliver an hour and a half worth of bizarre rants that were excessive even by his generous standards, promising to “bomb the shit” out of ISIS, and asking Ben Carson supporters not to believe the “crap,” meaning Carson’s autobiography (which, coincidentally, just beat Trump’s book on the Bestseller list). “How stupid are the people of Iowa?” he asked, because Ben Carson is polling ahead of him.

There’s more. Much more. From the Post:

Trump called Republican rival Carly Fiorina “Carly whatever-the-hell-her-name-is,” accused Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton of playing the “woman’s card” and said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is “weak like a baby.” He then devoted more than 10 minutes angrily attacking his chief rival, Ben Carson, saying the retired doctor has a “pathological disease” with no cure, similar to being a child molester.

Much of the speech focused on his qualifications to be president (“I can get anything” and “I gave a lot of money… I’m a very political person” were mentioned). He also accused Rubio of supporting amnesty for undocumented people because he is Latino.

The Post also reports that some Trump fans accused reporters present at the rally of fabricating the quotes. They didn’t. You can watch the entire, er, experience below. A personal high point is 3:27:00, where Trump informs us, “I have so many Jewish friends… really great friends.”

CNN is referring to what happened last night as “a tirade,” while Yahoo is going with “free-wheeling.” Just watch 15 or 20 minutes and see if you can avoid getting a cluster headache.

This post has been updated to reflect that Donald Trump has “so many” Jewish friends, who are “really great” friends. We previously quoted him as saying “a lot of” Jews are his friends, and they are “such good” friends, which did not correctly quote him and also inaccurately conveyed the number and amity of the Jews involved.

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Trump speaking in Fort Dodge, November 12, 2015. Photo via AP Images

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