Twins Get Perfect SAT Scores, Share Stick of Doublemint Gum to Celebrate


According to the San Diego Union Tribune, less than 0.025 percent of U.S. high school seniors who take the SAT every year get a perfect score. Twins Marie and Tina Vachovsky majorly beat the odds by both bringing home a 2400, the highest a person can earn. Go on, girls.

Best part is, they took the test once before and both got a 2200, so they decided to take it again. How did they manage to gain another 200 points? “We actually studied this time,” Tina said.

Can you imagine the pressure each twin must’ve felt? Like, if I’d been one of them, I’d have studied my ass off to make sure I wasn’t known as the “idiot twin.” Luckily, they are both brilliant geniuses so it’s all good, but the pressure.

As far as being exceptional, these girls just keep making us feel worse and worse:

When they were in 9th and 10th grades, the twins played tennis – doubles, of course – but now they’re in Canyon Crest’s Conservatory, an audition-only after school program for talented visual, musical, dance, film and theatrical artists. They both paint oil portraits – of friends, of lead singers in favorite bands, and sometimes of each other.

Seriously, quit your jobs, because if robots don’t take them, these girls will.

Student Gets Perfect SAT Score and So Does Her Twin [SD Union Tribune]

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