Twitter Homophobes, You're on Watch. Not That You Care.

Latest has posted a counter of how many times words like “faggot” and “dyke” are used on Twitter, and my brain is getting dizzy with how quickly the numbers are flying by. It’s pretty powerful stuff, and also a major bummer with a huge side of “no duh, people are the worst.” Most surprisingly to me is that “faggot” shows up a lot more than “gay” — just seems like calling something “gay” is the easier, entry-level slur. And I’d shudder to think how many times “fag” shows up, the counter might overheat, cartoon-style with smoke billowing out, and the internet would begin to implode under the weight of our collective grossness.

Man, I’m depressed now. Can someone make a counter that shows us how many times the words “cake pop” comes up? What about “hedgehogs in sweaters”? Ugh, watch it be all, “hedgehogs in sweaters are faggots.” I give up.

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