Twitter's Hot Mom Sells CBS Sitcom


CBS is developing a half-hour sitcom called The Mother of All Something, written by Canadian blogger, tweeter and former model Kelly Oxford. Jessica Alba is getting involved as executive producer.

The show — if it gets picked up — will be based on Oxford’s life as a mom and writer. It’s not exactly “based on her Twitter feed,” as some are reporting. In fact, she argues:

There is a huge difference between a twitter concept being sold and a writer who tweets selling a pilot.
At least, I thought there was?

The upside here: Instead of some unrealistic portrayal of parenting and motherhood, the show could be funnier, more authentic and down-to-earth than most of the stuff that comes out of Hollywood.

The downside: Jessica Alba might star, and even if she doesn’t, we’ll have yet another hot mom on TV. Not exactly a gaping void there. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a quality show more like Roseanne — where the folks didn’t wear fashionable boots, but grubby sweatshirts. (And no, I don’t count My Name Is Earl or Raising Hope, where Hollywood types pretend to be poor and it’s supposedly hilarious.)

In the end, though, Oxford is funny, insightful and passionate about writing. And: She already knows that you will talk shit about her, her looks, her writing, the potential show, and so on.

As she puts it, on her blog:

Trying to accomplish something will always be met with criticism, plain old hate and plain old support.
I’m now old enough to know that someone will always be yelling:
I’m not sure I’m ready for it on this next level, but I hope whatever power they feel they’ve gained from shouting it isn’t wasted. I know that this time I won’t let it stop me from being me.

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