Two Legged Dog Adopted; My Eyes Seem To Be Leaking


Roo, a chihuahua believed to have been born without front legs, has been adopted from a Los Angeles-area animal shelter. All together, now: Awwww.

After the shelter received the pup last week and a local news outlet shared his story, the facility housing Roo was inundated with requests to adopt him. Yvette Bocz included a “heartfelt, handwritten note” with her adoption inquiry that touched Roo’s caregivers.

Upon meeting her new pooch, Bocz was able to bond with him.

Roo’s tailed wagged as Bocz held him close, wrapping him up in her scarf to protect him from the cool air. Bocz says she doesn’t know if she’ll keep his name or give him a new name. “We’ll see what his personality will be, we may change his name to Joey.”

Watch the report on Roo here.

This story is so cute that it makes my face feel melty, but it’s important to remember that there are dozens of shelter animals who don’t have missing legs who need homes.

John Welsh, spokesman for Riverside County Animal Services says while Roo’s story is a great one, he’s “one of the lucky ones,” as the shelter has dozens of other Chihuahuas— including Roo’s three siblings— who are still available for adoption.

(And, if I may put on my advocacy pants for a moment, I’d like to recommend that everyone who is considering getting a dog look first to their local shelters, even if you’re looking for a purebred. I volunteer with dogs at a no-kill shelter, and we’ve had everything from purebred bloodhounds to Great Danes to Malteses to Chow Chows to a gorgeous special needs pit bull who uses a cart to get around. And Chihuahuas, like Roo.)

“Roo Adopted” [LAT]

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