Tyga's Milking His Relationship with Kylie Jenner for All It's Worth


In Tyga’s new video for a song called “Stimulated”—no innuendo there—the petite rapper canoodles with his barely legal girlfriend Kylie Jenner over ad-libs like “She a big girl dog… I’m penetrating.” Help.

“I touched the bitch and she disintegrated” is just one of the great lines falling from Tyga’s lips in this song. In the clip, the rapper writes his struggle bars on a couch over looking the ocean between rolling a joint, when Kylie drives up and walks inside his house in sloooooow moooooootion. They hug, kiss and look longingly at one another at various locations around the palatial pad and it’s all innocuous enough. But the lyrics are just foul trolling. Here are a few examples:

“They say she young, I should’ve waited, she a big girl dog, when she’s stimulated.”


“She a big girl dog, yeah I’m putting in, I’m penetrating, I’m getting big, yeah I’m stimulated.”


It seems pretty clear Tyga’s been using his relationship with a newly of-age Kylie—which he first denied then defended while never wholly admitting it—as a flashpoint to gain publicity. It’s working—there are plenty of people who know his name now and have never heard “Rack City” or suffered through “Coconut Juice”—but at what expense? Saying that sleeping with a teenager is a profitable move in a struggling rap career? But go ahead, publicity-powered Kardashian Klan and go ahead, Tyga—this seems to be working out for you, if you’re looking for infamy and not chart success.

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