Tyler Perry's Premiere: Janet Jackson Trumps Anything On Film


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a cockamamie movie can have a really good premiere. And with the star-studded NYC unveiling of Why Did I Get Married Too, I’m guessing we got the best of things.

Tasha Smith, ready to break out with “Fever.”

Gayle King sticks to Coco’s dictum of stacking necklaces.

Um, not this Coco.

Janet Jackson makes many bold choices. Does fortune favor the bold? Some whiskey campaigns would say yes.

Must admit, Keenyah (Hill) is rocking this stained-glass tunic.

You know I feel like this season’s parade of shoes, as modeled by Julissa Bermudez, is a conspiracy against short people. Yes they’re high, but they cut off the line of the leg cruelly, cruelly. It’s all very well for her.

Kim Stolz, per usual, does downtown ambivalent.

The way the line of Jill Scott‘s ‘do echoes that of her sleeve is – okay, I was going to say subtle. Maybe not, but certainly noteworthy.

I’d say Courtenay Chatman and Michael Jai White are the most arresting couple on the red carpet…

But Tyson Gilmore and Nia Iman Muhammad are giving them some stiff – and adorable – competition!

[Images via Getty.]

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