U.S. Luger Kate Hansen's Beyonce Warm Up Dance is Perfection


These dance moves from a U.S. athlete are the best. Except to one cranky NBC sportscaster, apparently.

This is how Olympic luger Kate Hansen warms up before her races. She listens to Beyonce and busts out some of the best dance moves of all time. Seriously, step aside Carlton Banks. And this guy.

So we all agree; we love this and she’s wonderful. Except, not so fast says one unmoved sports commentator:

That’s Duncan Kennedy, who thinks she should do something more “sports specific.” Oh dude. Way to rain on all the parades.

Maybe he’ll like it better when it’s cut to Ginuwine’s “Pony?”

Because we know everything is better when it’s edited to “Pony.”

Image via Getty Images

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