U.S. Women’s Gymnasts Are Getting Serious Twitter Love from All the Important Celebrities


After the U.S. women’s gymnastics teamwon gold Tuesday night, their Twitter accounts were inundated with congratulatory tweets from pretty much every famous person that matters. Those eager to get in line and offer social media high-fives to the victorious young women included President Obama, Oprah, Justin Fucking Bieber, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Bruce “The Reanimator” Jenner, and Snooki, because winning a gold medal at the Olympics isn’t officially an accomplishment until at least three reality-TV stars publicly acknowledge it. The team was understandably thrilled about all of this because, well, they’re kids and they just won Olympic gold.

For the complete list of tweet exchanges between gushing celebrities and the gymnasts, take a little gander at the litany machine machine that is Buzzfeed. Here, for your perusing convenience, are some of the most notable congratulations.

Lady Gaga was especially starstruck and then dispensed digital kisses:

@mckaylamaroney tweeted at me! Why didnt anybody tell me!!! DEAD. You were brilliant give all the girls a kiss for me

Wes Welker realized that people who get hit in the head for a living aren’t the only tough humans:

I have a new respect for the women’s gymnastics team. Those girls are TOUGH.

And the President played it straight, offering a very hearty thanks to the team for making America look awesome:

@Jordyn_Wieber, @GabrielleDoug, @Aly_Raisman, @McKaylaMaroney, @Kyla_Ross96: Congratulations! You’ve made us all proud. #TeamUSA

Meanwhile, Team U.S.A. continues to be really ecstatic about their new hardware.

The U.S. Women’s Gymnasts Have Been Tweeting With Every Famous Person [Buzzfeed]

@doreeshafrir [Twitter]

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