University of Georgia Junior Asks Greek Orgs to Socially Distance; Frat Responds With Racist Comments About Her Genitals

University of Georgia Junior Asks Greek Orgs to Socially Distance; Frat Responds With Racist Comments About Her Genitals
Arianna Mbunwe Screenshot:

The putrid young gentleman of the University of Georgia’s fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha can’t handle the truth, especially when it comes to covid-19 safety on campus. But it should be relatively easy for the members to isolate now, considering the UGA Lambda Chi Alpha chapter has now self-suspended for being racist.

In recent months UGA junior Arianna Mbunwe has become a kind of watchdog for covid-19 violations on campus, using her Twitter account to call out members of the university’s Greek life among others. But the sensitive boys of Lambda Chi Alpha apparently couldn’t handle the 20-year-old political science major’s observations, like calling students out for something as simple as not wearing masks at a party. The Washington Post reports that the group took to their group chat to make gross, racist comments about Mbunwe, commenting on her genitals and calling her a “foul, miserable creature.” “[She] just sits in her room saying how white people are racist because she’s mad she didn’t get a bid lmao,” one commenter said. They also made fun of a member for “making out with a Black chick in the basement,” another commenting “jungle fever.”

Mbunwe actually received screenshots of the group chat, named “Sex Drugs and Darby House,” from another student and posted them to her Twitter account. “I was disappointed but I wasn’t surprised,” Mbunwe later said in an interview with CBS46 Atlanta, adding that UGA “has a history of having a lot of racial discrimination.” After the comments were posted publicly Lambda Chi Alpha’s UGA chapter self-suspended its operations indefinitely and the University of Georgia is also investigating the frat, the Washington Post reports. “On behalf of the leadership and brotherhood of Lambda Chi Alpha, we unequivocally condemn any acts of homophobia, misogyny, and racism,” the fraternity’s national chapter wrote in a statement published to Twitter.

The fraternity suspension comes after the University of Georgia has failed to contain covid-19, garnering complaints from students. In early September AP News reported that UGA’s outbreak was “the fastest-growing among universities in the state that are publicly reporting numbers.” The university has also been criticized for initially not allowing an in-person voting site on campus over concerns of covid-19 spreading, but allowing crowded football games to continue, a decision that was reversed after an uproar.

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