Urgent Question: Which Spice Girl Are You?


You guys! Remember when the Spice Girls were big and we all went and saw their movie in the theater ten times and then bought it on home video? Remember when we bought the lollipops and the t-shirts and just screamed “GIRL POWER!!!” at everything? (Pepperidge Farm remembers.)

Remember when you used to argue with your friends about which of the spices you were and everyone wanted to be Ginger but no one wanted to be Sporty or Posh? (I was Ginger, BTW, because I am free-spirited and fun-loving and do MY OWN THING all the time.)

If you want to end the debate once and for all (15 bitter years after it started), you can take this quiz to determine which Spice Girl you really are. Then you can finally pop open those Spice Girls dolls that were supposed to appreciate in value one day (they didn’t; that’s 60 dollars we’ll never see again.) and put on your own concert. (I took the quiz and got Ginger, which is correct.) (I took the quiz five times.)

Image via Shutterstock.

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