US Military Has Killed Over 1,200 Service Dogs


The American government has euthanized over 1,200 military service dogs who were veterans of numerous U.S. wars. After the pups retired from service, authorities who decide things like this labeled them “too dangerous” for adoption by civilians or police.

According to Radar Online, U.S. Air Force reports given to Congress detail that 16 dogs were killed between 2001 and 2005 alone because they, as official military property, were no longer necessary. However in 2000, Robby’s Law was passed, which facilitates adoption for veteran dogs and military dog handlers so the animals can re-adjust to civilian society.

Still, many dogs fall through the cracks and of the 2,500 military dogs worldwide, only about 400 of them are adopted each year. Many of those are deemed unsuitable for adoption because of “repeated unprovoked aggressive action.” But people still want them, so there should be a more effective system to get these pups into homes.

Straight 8 Photography/Shutterstock.

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