Utah Mother Buys Up All Of PacSun's 'Offensive' Sexy T-shirts


A mother in Utah was so offended by “indecent” t-shirts sold at a local PacSun, she did what any sane, rational person would do—she spent almost $600 to buy all of them up so they wouldn’t be able to corrupt the young, impressionable, God-fearing Christian youths who shop on the regular at PacSun.

According to the Daily Herald which “broke” the story (I’m betting that story “broke” when the mom called them to tell them about the horrors of breasts on t-shirts she had just encountered at the mall), this all stemmed from a shopping excursion gone wrong:

Judy Cox and her 18-year-old son were shopping Saturday at the
University Mall in Orem when she saw a display of shirts in the window
of a PacSun store. The shirts featured pictures of scantily-dressed
models in provocative poses.[Part of PacSun’s Visual Heartbreakers promotion] Cox complained to the store manager, who passed along the complaint to PacSun’s corporate offices.

Not satisfied with that, Cox bought out the entire stock of PacSun T-shirts she deemed “offensive” for $567. That’s right. She spent $567. On crap from PacSun. For Jesus or something.

Cox said she was so concerned about the promotion and the
“pornographic” material that she has contacted two national
organizations, Women for Decency and One Million Moms. Both
organizations have had success in stopping the spread of indecent
material and subject matter on TV, in movies and in print media.

“These shirts clearly cross a boundary that is continually being pushed
on our children in images on the Internet, television and when our
families shop in the mall,” Cox stated via email to The Associated

“Thanks, Judy, for removing all temptation so we can all make it back to our heavenly father someday,” brilliantly noted one commenter on the Daily Herald‘s post.

But she plans to return them anyway, just before the 60-day return policy deadline is up. So I guess Orem, Utah is safe from boobs for two months.

What’s most shocking about this whole thing is that PacSun is still around. We don’t have pictures of exactly what shirts Cox actually bought, but here’s some examples of the Visual Heartbreakers t-shirts (which are kind of stupid in a ‘woo-hoo I am wearing boobs on my t-shirt’ kind of way. Seriously, PacSun?) These are probably what got her Bible thumping:

WHOA, super sexy! Don’t worry though; for 60 days no one in Orem, Utah is going to have to be exposed to these sexy images that will just make them get naked, have sex, get pregnant and ruin their place in Heaven. You’ve got a 60 day window to amp up all your prayers to brace you for their return, too.

Honestly though, if she wants to spend all her money to buy up stuff she doesn’t like (only to return it 60 days later), what’s the big deal? In fact, I found a few other grossly offensive PacSun t-shirts Cox might want to consider snapping up, too!

Like this piece of shit monstrosity here. I sure wouldn’t mind going 60 days without having to see one of these.

Or this thing. Good grief. Buy it, lady! Save us all from the suffering. You’d really be doing the Lord’s work.

I actually think we should all start a fund and chip in to get every single one of these things off the shelves, too. For the greater good of America. Wearing this can’t be good for your soul.

Images via PacSun.

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