Victoria's Secret Advertised 'Cheeky' Panties By Airbrushing Off a Model's Butt Cheek


In a recent Facebook post, Victoria’s Secret shared a photo of a model wearing their mesh-back cheeky panties. There’s nothing particularly interesting about the photo, apart from, well, the fact that the woman is missing her left butt cheek. Some people have called this a “Photoshop fail,” but I call it “Lady Gaga without Tony Bennett.”

I don’t know when butt cheeks that exist became as undesirable as thighs that touch, but apparently they have. Many users were furious with Victoria’s Secret, commenting on their Facebook post with statements like:

Horrible horrible photoshopping. Completely unnecessary, Victoria’s Secret. Wishing you would learn from Aerie. Yes another reason I (along with MANY others) will never shop from you guys…Times are changing; it’s time you guys caught up. #NotBuyingIt

Others had a slightly different, more forgiving, take:

Horrible photo shopping!!! But the panties are pretty!!

I, however, am mostly indifferent to the whole incident. You would be too if you saw their first pass:

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Image via Victoria’s Secret. Fake first pass not by Victoria’s Secret.

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