Video Of Figure Skater Farting Is Gross, Hilarious, Graceful


Figure skating is a beautiful graceful sport that I wish I had picked up when i was just a tiny Russian who had not yet discovered the power of video games. It is an amazing spectacle that mixes physical artistry, beautiful music, and amazing costumes that I would wear on the regular if I could afford them/fit into them. Spangles. That’s all I’m saying.

How many of us, though, haven’t ever wondered what it might be like if one needed to pass gas during one’s amazing physics-defying routine? If this is a question you’ve been asking yourself (I have), this video will answer it for you because someone had the foresight to dub the sounds of flatulence onto Jason Brown’s routine. Unfortunately, when figure skaters pass gas they do it fucking gracefully. Just like everything else.

Damn it.

There’s one for couples, too!

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