Video Supports Tila Tequila's Juggalo Attack Claims


Video evidence of Tila Tequila being attacked by the crowd at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos concert has started to surface on YouTube, lending credibility to Tequila’s claims that she was pelted by bottles, rocks, and even excrement.

TMZ has been running photos of Tequila since the attack was first reported, showing that her face is bloodied and bruised, the result of a violent reaction from the crowd, who, in Tequila’s words, “were throwing huge stone rocks in my face, beer bottles that slit my eye open, almost burnt my hair… cuz they threw fire crackers on stage.” Naturally, due to Tequila’s history of making outlandish claims and then backing away from them, the victim blamers are already out in full force. A fairly unsympathetic-sounding witness tells CNN, “She was taunting them. She didn’t know how to handle them. She didn’t understand the dynamic…she took her top off and they got really violent.” Interesting, then, that in the clip TMZ is currently running, Tila yells “I ain’t going nowhere!” and attempts to keep performing while the crowd continually chants “Show your tits! Show your tits!”

It’s depressing that Tequila’s claims need to be validated by video evidence (due mostly to her extremely polarizing public persona and history of making outlandish statements) and even more depressing that the general reaction I’ve seen on posts pertaining to the attack seems to be “she deserved it.” Regardless of your thoughts on Tequila, nobody “deserves” to be assaulted. On her Twitter page, Tequila claims she intends to sue the organizers of the festival, noting, “violence against women like myself or anyone for that matter is not ok! Lawsuit is pending.”

Tila Tequila Attack: Caught On Tape [TMZ]
Tila Tequila Suffers Cuts, But Escapes Juggalos Attack [CNN]

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