Vivienne Westwood: All Out Non-Stop Rock


Vivienne Westwood’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection debuted at London Fashion Week today, and the clothes were filled with Westwood’s signature brights, plaids, and punk-rock attitude. Ahead: vibrant colors, fun cuts, sparkles, crazy hats, and patterns galore.

Pixie Geldof walked for Westwood, displaying this crazy hat and bright dress combo, which, to me anyway, is very Lisa Bonet circa 1991.

And here she is again, in a slightly punked-out little black dress.

If I could walk around dressed as a giant hologram all day, I think I would. Wouldn’t you?

Mad Hatter Chic looks like it’s here to stay. And by stay I mean “it will be cool for 2 months following the release of Alice in Wonderland.” I have to say, though, that this particular hat reminded me of Norm McDonald playing Burt Reynolds as Turd Ferguson on SNL. “It’s a big hat! It’s funny.”

I love the cut of this coat. It’s very modern and very romantic, all at once.

Love the jacket, but I’m not sure what to make of the pants. Thoughts?

The use of color was lovely throughout the collection.

As was the use of patterns. How fun is this?

I’m not sure anyone could pull this off in the real world, but it’s fun nonetheless.

Pretty sure Gwen Stefani already has this on order, right?

The cuts were all quite interesting, as well. I love the heart-shaped belt.

This isn’t one of my favorite looks. It reminds me of Sally O’Malley, Molly Shannon’s SNL character who always yelled, “I can kick and stretch! I’m 50 years old!”

Seeing so many brights is a bit refreshing after going through the New York Fashion Week collections, which were dominated by dark frocks.

Though Westwood does share one trend in common with the designers at New York Fashion Week: the use of fur. Update!: A few commenters have pointed out that this looks more like looped yarn than fur, which totally makes sense, as Westwood has previously pledged to go fur-free.

In the end, Dame Westwood is pleased. As am I! Are you? Feel free to share your thoughts, as always, in the comments.

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