Vogue Readers Don't Get The Bag; Filene's Basement On The Block

  • Vogue subscribers are lured with a free-gift gimmick that looks…different when it comes in the mail. Of course, subscribing to Vogue is basically scheduling disappointment monthly, but the bait-and-switch is not normally so overt. [NYPost]
  • Natalie Portman would very much like to tell you about some t-shirt brand she likes. Band tees are a great way of learning about music, see! [Daily Beast]
  • Lauren Hutton might miss the Met ball, which is themed around models this year, because a young surfer accidentally rammed his board into her knee in Hawaii, causing ligament damage. “The only thing that’s holding our foreleg bones attached to our thigh bones are these little ligaments around the knee,” said Hutton. “And once they go, the bones fall sideways inside the bag of skin. It was like one of those Halloween skeletons.” The supermodel, currently in LA, cannot walk without crutches. Her date, Michael Kors, will probably understand if she stays home. [Daily Intel]
  • Fellow famously made-up face Isabella Rossellini is pretty sure Lancôme regrets dumping her back in 1995 for being soooooo old. But she made her money and now does videos about the sex lives of animals. Lancôme contents itself with Rossellini’s daughter, Elettra Wiedemann. [WWD]
  • “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” designer Anya Hindmarch says, “Accessories are how women accent their character; they are a form of self-expression. If you see someone carrying a tatty, beaten-up handbag, full of crumbs, doesn’t it kind of make you wonder if their house is just like that, too?” She would say that, wouldn’t she? [Telegraph]
  • Adriana Lima, the Brazilian model best known for wearing giant wings and Bedazzled bras for Victoria’s Secret and looking hot on the covers of men’s magazines, stunned when she walked for Givenchy in Paris. (Normally, the fashion industry likes to draw as bright a line as possible between camp and the “real” stuff.) Could she be working herself out from under the taint of commercial lingerie to take on a Givenchy campaign for fall? And does that mean Lima is transforming into a Gisele-style double threat, who magically gets bookings for Dior and drugstore makeup at the same time? [Fashionologie]
  • Hudson St. in New York’s West Village has 15 empty storefronts on one six-block stretch — and, like, 14 Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Ralph Lauren shops. Some see a connection: one retailer, who did not want to be named, said that when businesses’ leases turn over, landlords are asking for steep increases in rent, because the high-end retailers are able to pay up to $60,000/month. “They are killing the Village,” the man said. “Ten years ago — mom-and-pop stores gone, restaurants gone, they’re all gone.” [The Villager]
  • Tao Okamoto, the hot “new” Japanese model with the interesting haircut, bagged the Fall Ralph Lauren campaign — and, according to rumor, the Fall ads for the Polo Ralph Lauren line, too. [Style.com]
  • Nadja Swarovski, scion of the Austrian crystal concern, is a pretty brilliant businesswoman who’s taken her family’s product from an icon of kitsch to the raw material of fashion’s avant garde. But that’s not what makes this profile writer like her: the fact that she feels she doesn’t see her kids often enough (“much as one rushes to reassure, she is probably right,” notes the Times) is the chink in the armor that lets her feel comfortably pitying. The profile is sprinkled with German words, but unfortunately Schadenfreude is not one of them, so let me insert it here. [Times of London]
  • Robin Givhan writes this week about the Museum at FIT‘s announcement of its upcoming Isabel Toledo exhibit, and the question of fashion exhibits in general. The most popular clothing shows are inevitably those organized around a celebrity name, like Jackie O‘s at the Met; “It’s an ongoing battle,” Givhan writes, “in fashion exhibitions: the scholarly preference for the clothes to stand on their own and the public fascination with the back story.” [WaPo]
  • Stila, the makeup brand recently rumored to be facing bankruptcy, has been saved at the 11th hour by a New York private-equity firm. Patriarch Partners will acquire the brand from Wachovia and CIT Group, the banks that took Stila over after it defaulted on debt obligations. [WSJ]
  • Filene’s Basement is in a similarly dire position — facing bankruptcy and courting buyers. The discount chain closed 11 stores in January, but its parent company said Friday that the cost-cutting moves are “not likely to lead to sustainable operations for Filene’s Basement.” How is it possible that “it’s like a department store, but everything’s on sale” is a failing business model at this juncture? [Crain’s]
  • Valentino‘s operating profits fell 7% in 2008, the year its founder and namesake retired. [WWD]
  • J. Crew opened a beach-themed store in Malibu. [LA Times]
  • Headstrong model Elle MacPherson popped home to Sydney for Easter, and made a supermarket deli worker come out from behind the counter to load her cart. Then she snapped at a gossip columnist and micro-managed a television appearance. [News.com.au]
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