Want to Know What's in These Female Candidates' Bags? iPads, Meditation Beads, and a Gun


We women loooove getting a peek at what other women are carrying in their purses. I’m kidding around, because it’s such a tried-and-true ladymag spread, but I’m also undeniably a sucker for a good “What’s In Her Bag?” article, too. (I’m also still patiently waiting for the day when someone asks to photograph what’s in MY purse. Right now, it’s my wallet, phone, a deck of cards for some reason, chapstick, and a few gum wrappers. I’ll have to work on that.)

Marie Claire asked some notable female politicians what they’re lugging around with them, because they knew we wanted to know. Here are some highlights (via the New York Observer):

Elizabeth Warren carries a backpack instead of a purse and an iPod instead of an iPad. (New Mexico Senate candidate Heather Wilson, Hawaii congressional hopeful Tulsi Gabbard and Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon all carry iPads.) What an iconoclast! She also likes PowerBars and Rockstar Lemonade. Or is secretly getting paid to rep their brands.

Illinois congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth wins for style: “I have a fabulous vintage hot-pink purse I got for $10. It fits my speeches, netbook, Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb, and Sephora Minimergency Kit.” Gabbard wins for chillness because she has meditation beads.

Tammy Baldwin only holds the essentials “so my male staff aren’t embarrassed if they have to hold it for me.” Do you think Democratic Florida congressional candidate Val Demings lets her staff hold her Dooney & Burke bag with her 9-millimeter gun, a memento from her days as a police chief? Hope not.


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