Watch Beyoncé's Magnificent Bathroom Dance Party Music Video for "7/11"

Okay, this is probably my favorite Beyoncé music video of all time and it definitely looks like it was filmed by Beyoncé on a GoPro.

Seriously, the song, which sounds like Bey’s take on Wiz Khalifa’s “We Dem Boys,” (perhaps with a hint of “No Flex Zone”) is v. fun, and the video looks like it was a blast to film. I don’t even care if this is actually carefully crafted Queen Bey propaganda meant to trick people into thinking they had the chance to look into Beyoncé’s personal-ish life. It’s a fantastic ode to slumber parties and dancing in your underwear. And it’s pretty great seeing Beyoncé raiding her own closet being a goofball in coats and dresses that probably cost more than I’d want to think about, really.

Things I really like about this video:

  • Kale sweatshirt
  • Playboy sweatshirt
  • “Smack it” underwear
  • Human pyramid

Things I really love about this video:

  • Beyoncé’s failed attempt at threading
  • Creative use of the hairdryer
  • That fancy ass vintage kiddie car in the back of the Christmas scene
  • Footphone
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