Watch JT Pretend He Went To Real College in Runner Runner Trailer


Here’s the trailer for Runner Runner. It stars Justin Timberlake, a man who was educated in Disneyland by someone dressed as Aladdin’s rug, as a grad student/high stakes gambler.

The trailer opens with him pleading with an old white dude who looks important and who, furthermore, does NOT want him to gamble: “I have $60 grand in tuition due next week. And that’s if I don’t eat.” Hmm. How much will you owe if you do eat? $60,050? $60,100 if you eat sushi every day? JT, I am sorry, but that’s just not how it works.

The film will obviously not follow his attempt to pay off his debt (because, if I wanted to see a brilliant young mind weighed down by crippling student loans debt, I could just go literally anywhere in America). Instead, it follows JT to Costa Rica, where he gets sucked into a seedy underworld. Everyone who’s anyone is there: Ben Affleck, a boat, that stupid DJ who wears a giant mouse head, the FBI, man-eating crocodiles…

And Jean-Ralphio is in it, too.

[Yahoo! Movies]

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