Watch Kendall Whip. Watch Kendall Dance in Balmain's H&M Ad


Let me see ya one, two step! Kendall Jenner’s dance moves are totally mesmerizing in a new video promo for Balmain’s H&M collaboration. In a good way? Perhaps, or maybe not.

Kendall is, as we know, the face of Balmain’s anticipated H&M collection, which Balmain’s creative director/virtuoso Oliver Rousteing says is “inspired by pop culture and the glamour that Balmain is known for.” He says, “When I see this collection, I think you can party, you can go to a gala, you’re going out and taking a sci-fi metro. It’s like a dream. Everything comes from a dream and a ride.” In turn, the ad has an intentional sci-fi aesthetic, the muse for which is Michael Jackson’s “Bad” video (the runway show debuts tomorrow, and the collection in November). According to Rousteing, the visual concept is meant “to bring forward this idea of techno couture.”

A preview of the promo spot below (via Yahoo Style) features tons of vogueing (a byproduct of Rousteing’s recent pastime), Kendall dance moves and futuristic choreography on the metro.

Kendall looks to be having so much fun, is a true statement.

“The campaign has to reflect the Balmain Army and for me, she is the most important,” says Rousteing. “She is an icon. I’m inspired by her. For me she is the new Naomi, Claudia, Cindy. You know the type of models where people want to be her. Finally we go back to top models and are making dream girls. She also has an amazing soul and is so supportive.”

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