Watch Lykke Li's Melodramatic Video For 'Never Gonna Love Again' 


Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li took a sharp turn to the dark side with last year’s eerie, mournful I Never Learn. One of the best tracks from the album is the almost straightforwardly poppy “Never Gonna Love Again,” in which Li seems to revel in her own despair; the video, released today, plays host to a similar vibe—jagged, morose, so married to obscurity that you can barely make out the face of our delicate, depressed protagonist.

“Loneliness and heartbreak follow you everywhere and they are loudest right after the lights go out and the crowds quiet,” Li told Rolling Stone of the video. “Here’s an intimate glimpse of how it can be to live your dream whilst stuck in your dream. In the lonely wolf hour, the night becomes your stage, the stars your audience, the rain your memories.”

Sure, that’s one tremendously self-serious statement, but those are some gorgeous words—really digging this “lonely wolf hour” business. Far more than the video itself, actually, which is definitely surreal but also manages to be both overwrought and nowhere near enough, the kind of dream you might want to shake yourself out of.

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