Watch This Assertive Little Flower Girl School Her Dad on How Weddings Are Done

In Depth

Here’s the number one rule at the wedding JoJo is running for her dad: You can’t call her name when she’s walking down the aisle. No, you can’t even call her “princess.” Why? Because she’s going to be busy walking down the aisle and they’re not going to think you’re a good dad. Don’t you know anything?

JoJo, who will one day be a terrific wedding planner with her own reality show, just wants to make sure this thing goes off without a hitch. Like all toddlers, though, she’s mostly concerned about her own part. It may be Dad that’s getting married, but it’s really JoJo’s walk down the aisle that people will be paying attention to. (She’s right: JoJo’s charisma is what’s really keeping this show together, and, as JoJo says, he “just doesn’t get weddings at all.”)

Best of luck to you on your special day, Jo!

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